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Mystic Seaport’s Steve White Takes a Bow

MYSTIC — “It was a perfect moment, an intersection of all these key things coming together,” Steve White said in a phone conversation with CT Examiner on December 19. “The Charles W. Morgan needed to be restored, and then the question became how much should she be restored. It was clear to me as a… Keep Reading

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Matthews, Former Connecticut Port Authority Head Defends Record, Will Testify

MYSTIC — Evan Matthews, former executive director of the Connecticut Port Authority, sat down with CT Examiner’s Cate Hewitt and Gregory Stroud on Sunday for a nearly four hour conversation ranging from details concerning the port authority during his tenure, his health, the wind deal at State Pier, to his hopes of clearing his name… Keep Reading

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Stonington’s Chesebrough Sets out an Ambitious Agenda for her First Term

STONINGTON — “Working on the shorter-term plan with a longer-term vision mixed in,” was how Danielle Chesebrough — who will be sworn in as Stonington’s first selectman on November 19 — described her state of mind Friday morning. “Initially what I’m trying to do is meet with all the directors… all of my ‘direct reports.’… Keep Reading

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Mystic Sewer Amnesty Yields Modest Returns

STONINGTON — Under the town’s announced sump pump amnesty, sixty-five property owners in Mystic admitted to having a sump pump discharging into the municipal sewer system, an illegal practice. The amnesty is part of a broader effort by Stonington to address sewer capacity issues. Stonington Water Pollution Control Authority Director Douglas Nettleton sent a letter… Keep Reading

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A Decades-old Promise of Sidewalks on Route 1 in Pawcatuck

“The department of transportation can’t take care of sidewalks along with everything else we have to do,” explained Kevin Nursick, spokesperson for the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT). “It is the norm for towns to put sidewalks in themselves.” But for years the Town of Stonington has been hoping for different result at least for… Keep Reading

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Stonington’s Rob Simmons Takes a Bow

STONINGTON — After November’s election, the blue SUV with “GUNG-HO” license plates won’t be parked at the Town Hall lot as often. That car belongs to First Selectman Rob Simmons, 76, who has chosen not to run for a third term this November.  But the message on the license plates, originating from the Chinese “gōng… Keep Reading

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Douglas Nettleton Talks Development, Sewers and the Problem of Sump Pumps in Mystic

STONINGTON — Private sump pump outflows into municipal sewer systems are illegal but the town is offering Mystic sewer district customers “sump pump amnesty” for a short time.  “We need to understand the breadth of the problem at this point and we have no idea how bad the problem is,” said Stonington Water Pollution Control… Keep Reading

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Developer Withdraws Smiler’s Wharf Application Prior to Mystic Hearing

STONINGTON — In a three-page letter to the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday morning, the developers of the Smiler’s Wharf project formally withdrew their application for a zoning change on their 11-acre Mystic site for an ambitious project that would have comprised a 5-story hotel, a 6-story apartment building, a 200-seat restaurant, townhouses, a… Keep Reading

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Business and Residents Split on Smiler’s Wharf in Mystic

MYSTIC — The stark contrast between the residential community’s opposition to the Smiler’s Wharf proposal and the business community’s support of the project continued at a Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing on Monday night at Stonington High School auditorium.  The commission heard opponents to the project who hadn’t had a chance to speak at… Keep Reading

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