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Connecticut Port Authority Officials Absent as Transportation Committee Holds Hearing

HARTFORD — With three key officials missing from Monday’s Connecticut Port Authority hearing, legislators and the public were left with more questions than answers about a host of issues, including the quasi-public agency’s finances, wind power negotiations and personnel matters.  Co-chairs of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, Roland Lemar of the House and Carlo Leone… Keep Reading

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Zoning Approval for Hanford Commons in Old Saybrook Delayed

OLD SAYBROOK — A decision on whether to approve or deny the proposed Hanford Commons mixed-used development was again postponed by the Old Saybrook Zoning Commission. The public hearing is scheduled to be continued on Wednesday, September 4. The commission is waiting for a final report from the town engineer, as well as information on… Keep Reading

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Connecticut Towns to Meet ADA Sidewalk Standards Piecemeal Over Several Years

In 2018 and 2019, Connecticut’s Department of Transportation spent about $3.5 million on new sidewalk ramps statewide. The new ramps are compliant with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards that permit wheelchairs, walkers and strollers access to sidewalks.   “About a year ago it was mandated that when the DOT is engaging in substantial roadway projects… Keep Reading

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Port Authority Officials Not Expected to Attend “Informational” Hearings on Tuesday

Termed a “forum” on the meeting agenda, the scheduled Connecticut Port Authority hearings on Tuesday in Hartford will be informational in nature and most likely will not involve questioning of port authority officials, according to one state official.   “People are expecting it to be sort of a Capitol Hill inquisition — I think they are… Keep Reading

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Life Among the Beavers in Southeast Connecticut

ESSEX — More than any average budget hearing, the meeting is so packed that it had to be moved to an auditorium. Residents as young as 10 came to speak their mind on the issue at hand… beavers. “I still remember that meeting of the conservation commission. It was the most contentious I have ever… Keep Reading

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Zoning Hearings Are Final Hurdle for Mixed-Use Affordable Housing in Old Saybrook

OLD SAYBROOK — A proposed mixed-use affordable housing development in Old Saybrook, Hanford Commons, with 14 apartments, space for a restaurant, office and retail has passed the town’s architectural review board, a review by the regional health district and the planning commission with favorable recommendations. Now, the project sits on the desk of the zoning… Keep Reading

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