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In Draft Budget with 4.26 percent Increase, Superintendent Emphasizes Technology, Staffing

EAST LYME — Superintendent Jeffrey Newton proposed a $51.3 million operating budget for fiscal year 2020-21 to the Board of Education on Monday night, which would be a 4.26 percent increase over East Lyme Public Schools’ budget for 2019-20. Newton also proposed that the school board request $926,500 to be included in the town’s capital… Keep Reading

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Tourism District Leaders Share Plans to Include Small Towns, Maximize Limited Funds

As the Eastern Regional Tourism District moves toward resolving a breach of contract dispute with the state regarding funding, the district will next need to determine what actually to do with the $400,000 or more that it will receive from the state government for marketing campaigns. “If we’re not effectively putting a positive effect on… Keep Reading

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Regional Complexity, Declining Enrollments, Weigh on Region 4 Budget Talks

Declining student enrollment, shared staff and shortfalls in Regional School District 4’s reserves are expected to be significant topics of discussion as school boards of Chester, Essex, and Deep River craft five interconnected budgets for fiscal year 2020-21.  The district is anticipating a dramatic 5.2 percent drop in student enrollment heading into next year —… Keep Reading

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Region 4 Debates Equity, Funding, for AP and IB Testing

Out of a budget of about $20 million, the Region 4 Board of Education spends 0.2 percent, or $36,000, to subsidize half the cost of Advanced Placement exams, or $47 per test for every student. At Tuesday night’s board of education meeting that funding was called into question. “We bring this up because most schools… Keep Reading

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Region 4 Board of Education Seeks Fresh Start with New Year

ESSEX-DEEP RIVER-CHESTER — Hope for a fresh start was evident at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Region 4 Board of Education, after months of tense meetings and board turmoil, beginning with the announcement of an interim business manager, Richard Hewitt, replacing Kimberly Allen, who resigned from the post in November. “Mr. Richard Hewitt will support… Keep Reading

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Code Variance Brings $268,000 in Savings for East Lyme Public Safety Building Project

EAST LYME — The State Building Inspector granted a code variance for the planned public safety complex, allowing the town to forego about $268,000 of structural reinforcements usually required for police buildings, officials said at a Tuesday night meeting. “It was nice to receive that,” said Selectman Paul Dagle at the Tuesday night meeting of… Keep Reading

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State Sen. Heather Somers to Sponsor Bills Targeted at Drug Costs, Insurance, Mental Health and more…

MYSTIC — When CT Examiner caught up with State Senator Heather Somers (R-18th) on Monday morning, she arrived with a long list of bills she’s getting ready to submit, and in some cases resubmit, during the upcoming legislative session. With measured optimism, Somers said it takes persistence to get a bill made into law. “I… Keep Reading

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State Rep. Christine Palm to Sponsor Bills on Climate Change Education and Offshore Surveys

“Last year I introduced 11 bills, three had a public hearing and two passed one chamber,” said freshman State Representative Christine Palm (D-36th). Heading into her second legislative session, Palm said her intention was to focus on passing those two bills — one mandating the inclusion of climate change in the public school science curriculum… Keep Reading

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Wetlands Approval Poses Dilemma for Chester Housing Developer

CHESTER — At its meeting on Monday, the Inland Wetlands Commission said the developer of Falcon Crest, a proposed 55-and-older residential complex at 88 Winthrop Road, will need to obtain a subdivision permit from the town before the commission will proceed with its recommendation on the project. If the town grants the subdivision permit, then… Keep Reading

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Checking in on the Real Estate Market in Southeast Connecticut

Housing sales in southeast Connecticut indicate the region is slowly emerging from a decade-long slump, with the market for lower-priced homes showing the greatest activity, according to several area realtors.  “We continue to see the trend for the lower-priced properties, under $300,000 … starters to a little bit bigger, and those can fly off the… Keep Reading

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