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Zoning Approval for Hanford Commons in Old Saybrook Delayed

OLD SAYBROOK — A decision on whether to approve or deny the proposed Hanford Commons mixed-used development was again postponed by the Old Saybrook Zoning Commission. The public hearing is scheduled to be continued on Wednesday, September 4. The commission is waiting for a final report from the town engineer, as well as information on… Keep Reading

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Zoning Hearings Are Final Hurdle for Mixed-Use Affordable Housing in Old Saybrook

OLD SAYBROOK — A proposed mixed-use affordable housing development in Old Saybrook, Hanford Commons, with 14 apartments, space for a restaurant, office and retail has passed the town’s architectural review board, a review by the regional health district and the planning commission with favorable recommendations. Now, the project sits on the desk of the zoning… Keep Reading

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“Pipeline Initiative” Provides Intensive Training For Manufacturing in Eastern Connecticut

OLD SAYBROOK — Removing her large welding mask and heavy-duty gloves, Kathryn Mica took a break from welding metal rings onto panels Friday morning in one corner of Sound Manufacturing’s 50,000-square-foot factory floor in Old Saybrook.  “I always worked with kids. I’m a former educator who always had an interest in the arts and a… Keep Reading

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Old Saybrook Faces Tough Choices on Septic System Pollution

More than 60 percent of the nitrogen load flowing from the Oyster River into Indian Harbor off of Old Saybrook is from septic systems, according to a study by Marine Scientist Jamie Vaudrey from the University of Connecticut. Part of the problem is that the soil in Old Saybrook is poorly suited for filtering nitrogen. There also simply isn’t enough of it to provide sufficient buffering. Keep Reading

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