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State Order Resolved, Essex Shutters Water Pollution Board, Shifts Authority to Selectmen

ESSEX — By a unanimous vote, the Board of Selectmen repealed the ordinance establishing the town’s Water Pollution Control Authority, transferring its responsibilities to the selectmen. The move is part of an effort by town elected officials to professionalize municipal services, and follows measures by the town that have satisfied a state order to address… Keep Reading

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Essex Loses Rural Grant Eligibility with Shift to Suburban Designation

ESSEX — At the start of the 2018-19 school year, Essex lost its annual Small Rural School Achievement (SRSA) program funding when the town was reclassified as a suburban community by the State Department of Education. The previous year, that funding totaled $34,432 – or about 3 percent of the district budget, the largest grant… Keep Reading

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Opinion: We Owe It To Public Health to Take Action on Vaping

Late last month, I joined State Representative Jesse MacLachlan and prominent community leaders in Clinton for a panel discussion on vaping. I only wish we scheduled it sooner. In recent months, vaping and associated injuries and deaths have become a pressing issue. We must take it seriously and protect public health. As of November 1,… Keep Reading

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Letter: Needleman Thanks Essex Volunteers and Voters

We are honored that Essex voters have given me another opportunity to serve the town we all love. It is gratifying that so many of our fellow citizens exercised their right to choose the officials who will help sustain and improve the quality of life in Essex. Our names were on the ballot, but many… Keep Reading

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Profiling Candidates for the Essex Board of Finance

ESSEX — Two incumbents and two first-time candidates are on the ballot for seats on the Essex Board of Finance this November. Democrats Campbell Hudson and Mary Louise Polo are both running for reelection against first-time Republican candidates Carolyn Field and Phil Beckman. Beckman has previously run for board of finance and selectman, but this… Keep Reading

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Essex Candidates for First Selectman Sound Off

With a $900,000 surplus, and a mill rate that has fallen each of the last two years, Norm Needleman, the incumbent running for a fifth consecutive term as first selectman of Essex, says that Essex has never been better. Matt Fleming, his challenger, says that if elected his priority will be to keep costs under… Keep Reading

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Sapia Builders Plans Commerical Development in Essex

ESSEX — Sapia Builders Corp. of Old Lyme, has proposed building a 7,400 square foot office building at 130 Dennison Road in Essex. The design of the two-story structure is intended to resemble a barn.  “I’m an Essex local and I grew up on the road that the building would be on. The area has… Keep Reading

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Life Among the Beavers in Southeast Connecticut

ESSEX — More than any average budget hearing, the meeting is so packed that it had to be moved to an auditorium. Residents as young as 10 came to speak their mind on the issue at hand… beavers. “I still remember that meeting of the conservation commission. It was the most contentious I have ever… Keep Reading

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Q&A on the Fourth Anniversary of iCRV

Last week, CT Examiner staff reporter Julia Werth sat down with Dave Williams to get a better idea of what iCRV is really all about and where he expects to go with the station in year five. Keep Reading

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