With Newfound Flexibility and Instructions to Proceed “Immediately,” Connecticut Schools Grapple With Transition to Online Education


With the requirement for 180 days of school instruction waived, and an application pending to suspend mandated student assessments, school districts across Connecticut are grappling with what it means for 77,000 students with an individualized education plan, and how they will follow instructions from the state to “immediately proceed” with online education. “We are focusing all of our energy and efforts on supporting students and their families during this national emergency, including students with disabilities,” said Miguel Cardona, commissioner of education for the state of Connecticut. “Keeping students’ health and safety at the forefront, [Connecticut State Department of Education] is


Ninety-Two Years and Running for Manchester Road Race


In 1927 a few members of the Manchester High School Cross Country team lined up on Thanksgiving morning and ran a five-mile loop before the football games started that afternoon. It wasn’t about costumes or burning calories. There were less than a dozen runners, and none of them were women. The boys didn’t know they were making history, but that year was the start of what would become one of the most famous road races in the United States. Today more than 10,000 runners line up to travel the 4.748 miles, including walkers, Olympians, and several runners in their 90s.