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Advocates Consider Changes to Connecticut’s Special Education Burden of Proof and Funding

In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that parents, not school districts, are required to prove that an Individualized Education Plan is unsatisfactory to a child’s needs. This federal ruling does not overturn state statutes where they exist, however, and Connecticut is currently one of just five states to place the burden of proof on… Keep Reading

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High Costs, Diverse Outcomes for Educational Special Needs in Connecticut

Sarah Tyszka’s son is in sixth grade, but reads at a preschool level. He has dyslexia, a condition that typically requires one-on-one reading instruction to learn to read and write, according to the Dyslexia Society of Connecticut. Last year Tyszka’s son received one-on-one instruction, but this year his school does not have a teacher certified… Keep Reading

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Mediation, Non-disclosure Agreements Challenge Educational Opportunity in Connecticut

This year Elizabeth’s son started at a special school for children with dyslexia after years of fighting to have his disability acknowledged by the local education agency. The local school district, however, is not helping to pay his outplacement tuition.  “The school district denied all of our requests for appropriate practice, trained expertise and service… Keep Reading

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Navigating Local Education for Students with Special Needs in Connecticut

There are 77,000 students in the state of Connecticut with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), nearly 15% of the total student population of about 530,000 in 2018-19, according to the State Department of Education. For students with various disabilities that can impact their learning in a traditional school environment, an IEP is a written agreement… Keep Reading

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LEARNing Academy in New London Educates Children From Across Southeast Connecticut with Complex Needs

NEW LONDON — In January, after five years of anticipation, Ocean Avenue LEARNing Academy opened for its first full school year, with 57 students and a full team of teachers and medical support providers. The school serves children in 25 towns and 21 school districts across southeastern Connecticut. “Five years ago, when the team sat… Keep Reading

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