‘Tis the Season: The Original Sazerac


The earliest American cocktails, or most of them, cobblers, old-fashioneds, juleps, sazeracs — all dating to some time prior to the Civil War — combine a base spirit, often brandy or whiskey, a bit of sweetener in the form of simple syrup or a sugar cube, herbal bitters, and more or less garnish. 3 oz rye whiskey, a sugar cube soaked with angostura bitters, muddled with a bit of fruit, built with enough additional ice so that it no longer floats, and you have an classic old-fashioned. With a copious fruit garnish, you have a cobbler. Drop the fruit garnish,


A Catalan Spritz


Two parts dry sparkling wine, one part red vermouth, served on ice, with an orange slice and green olive – when prepared with good quality Spanish or Italian vermouth is our best answer for what you should be drinking in place of the dodgy stuff calling itself rosé.