Juvenile Justice in Connecticut Copes with COVID, Sees Drop in Cases

Despite the free time many children and teenagers have during COVID-19 shutdown, the number of juveniles arrested, held in detention and referred to a regional juvenile review board has dropped during the pandemic. “In a lot of places, they just haven’t gotten a lot of referrals,” said Erica Bromley, the juvenile justice liaison for Connecticut


As Prices Spike Tong Fields Complaints for Price Gouging in Wake of Coronavirus

“We’re seeing it everywhere. It’s not just consumers going to their local store, but also hearing about it and seeing attempts to charge businesses, and in particular hospitals, more for things including masks and personal protective equipment. But, it’s really, really important that people understand that not every price increase is price gouging,” said Connecticut


Refunds, Closure, Coronavirus and the Law for Business and Consumers in Connecticut


COVID-19, and state mandates to limit the viral spread, have caused widespread travel and event cancellations, supply chain interruptions, layoffs and business closures. Business-to-business agreements that require a specified level of production and delivery cannot be met without workers, drivers and staff.  For consumers, it’s often a question of whether refunds of purchases and deposits,