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Area Towns Face Hike in Tipping Fees as Officials Debate 30-year Commitment to Trash Incineration

The 51 member towns that take part in the Materials Innovation Recycling Authority (MIRA) will need to decide by May 31 whether to sign on to a 30-year agreement to continue incinerating municipal garbage at a starting rate of $145 per ton or to have that garbage hauled and landfilled out of state.  The state… Keep Reading

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MIRA waste-to-energy deal faces major obstacles

Caught between tipping fees that could reach $140 a ton, and Hartford’s likely refusal to agree to 30 more years of hosting the state’s largest waste incinerator, a deal to avoid trucking a significant portion of Connecticut’s waste out of state appears on the brink of failure. A term sheet signed last week by MIRA’s… Keep Reading

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$333 Million Plan for Trash Incinerator Could Be Costly for Lower Connecticut River Valley

A $333 million agreement reached between the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) and Sacyr Rooney Recovery Team could lead to sharply higher tipping fees. The agreement between the public authority and Sacyr Rooney arrives more than five years after the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was tasked with soliciting bids for the refurbishment… Keep Reading

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New 12-town Garbage Contract Stabilizes Costs for Member Towns

The Southeastern Connecticut Regional Resources Recovery Authority (SCRRRA) earlier this year signed a 10-year agreement to dispose of solid waste at the Wheelabrator facility in Lisbon. The agreement will take effect in January 2021 and will stabilize costs for member towns. SCRRRA will pay Wheelabrator $69 per ton of waste — significantly less than the… Keep Reading

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A Reckoning for Connecticut on Handling Municipal Waste

With the market for recyclables in collapse, infrastructure for incinerating in disrepair, and costs for hauling trash on the rise, towns across Connecticut are facing a reckoning on how to handle municipal waste. In fiscal year 2015, Essex received $7,920 from the Materials Innovation Recycling Authority (MIRA) for the recyclables collected at the Essex transfer… Keep Reading

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Old Lyme Switches Garbage Pickup after 30 Years

After 30 years with Old Lyme Sanitation, Old Lyme is switching contracts to CWPM Waste Removal and Recycling Services saving $40,000 and providing weekly recycling pickup for the town beginning July 1. In short, the green bin can go out to the street each week. But what goes in the blue bin is not changing. Keep Reading

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Letter: “Slim down your waste”

While it is vitally important that our municipal, state and federal government agencies work aggressively on environmental protection acts, our individual behavior and responsible approach to waste management is imperative. We must all learn to trim a little off of our waste, little by little, every day. Small changes can make a big difference over time. Keep Reading

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