State Bottle Bill Increases Deposit to 10 Cents


In a move proponents hope will revitalize recycling at a time when the state is facing major decisions about what to do with its waste, Connecticut customers will see the deposit they pay on bottles and cans double in 2024. The bill doubles the bottle deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents, requires a deposit on more beverages – but not wines and spirits – and increases the handling fee for redemption centers. The increase represents the first major update to the state’s bottle bill, coming nearly 40 years after bottle redemption was first introduced in Connecticut and after years


Facing Coronavirus Shutdown, Connecticut Legislature May Not Meet until January 2021

HARTFORD — As of Friday, the regular session of the Connecticut General Assembly has been canceled. Any bills or additional allocations of state funding will require a special session of the legislature later this summer. “The 2020 regular legislative session will adjourn without any further action, and we are already working on a plan to convene a special session in the coming months to ensure the continuity of government functions and that any necessary legislative action can be taken. Our top priority is the health and safety of the public, and we are committed to continue working in unison to